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Tiny Adventures, Learning Zone


National Day Nursery Association

Large woodland garden, sheltered free flow area and maze

Tiny Adventures, Learning Zone has a large woodland garden and the most amazing maze.

Our nursery has a large outdoor area that consists of two play areas which we utilise fully.  Children enjoy exploring the wooded area of the garden to see what plants and animals they can find.  The also enjoy using the paved area and smaller grassed area for bikes, cars, balls and slides.  We have a fantastic maze where the children can explore and get lost.  Don’t worry, it is only about three feet high so they will always be found again by one of our vigilant members of staff.

Take a look at what other exciting things we have to offer:

We work closely with our partners on the campus.  There are a number of students who receive Free funded places to help them back to college.

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Macclesfield College

We work in partnership with the college.

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